JOB TITLE: BI Training Specialist



  • Develop curriculum and deliver training to trainees and consultants with theories and knowledge related to database structure and data manipulation

  • Design and implement data migration and ETL solutions to manage the data flow among different source, pre-staging, staging, and destination environments;

  • Design and develop hands-on labs for data-related knowledge including OLTP, OLAP;

  • Evaluate training sessions and capture end-user feedback in a manner that can be provided to clients and consultants;

  • Practically use different business intelligence tools and programming languages desirable to the clients including SQL, Python, SSIS, and SSRS.

  • Provide training sessions for trainees and consultants about data analytics and predictive modeling based on data from various industries, such as media, finance, and logistics

  • Apply practical machine learning models including regression, classification, and clustering;

  • Utilize different business intelligence tools to generate data analysis, data visualization, reports, and dashboards for businesses.

  • Maintain the internal database and data warehouse with information of applications, such as employers, clients, and financial data, in order to provide accurate and on-time support information to different departments and resolve all recorded issues

  • Maintain close communication loop with staff in resolving all recorded issues from start to finish;

  • Create reports for the recruiting team to select a better market strategy and platform for business growth.



  • At least a minimum Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics or a related field;

  • Prior experience in Cloud Services such as Azure and AWS preferred;

  • Strong knowledge of statistics and data analytics;

  • Strong in implementing ETL jobs using SSIS as well as writing and optimizing complex SQL Queries;

  • Proficiency with programming languages such as R, Python, SPSS and SAS as well as data modeling schemes such as Star Schema and Snowflake Schema;

  • A quick learner and adapt to changes in the environment quickly as well as excellent both written and verbal communication skills.


This job offers an excellent salary, performance-based commissions, and other standard benefits as per the company policy. We will sponsor H1b for the qualified candidate.


JOB SITE: East Windsor, NJ 08520