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Job Description



Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Gather business requirements from clients or internal departments to design, develop, and deploy a new database for corporate reporting system.

  • Create SQL Server Integration Service Packages (SSIS) using different sources and transformations.

  • Design ETL processes to transform bulk data across systems.

  • Migrate legacy ETL setups to updated platforms, including SSIS and Azure Data Factory.

  • Modify current database by adding tables, altering referential integrity and relationships to support new corporate reporting system.

  • Build complex stored procedures, functions, views and optimize the embedded application T-SQL and PL/SQL scripts to support the customization of reports.

  • Rewrite the existing TSQL code for long running queries by replacing cursors with various joins, common table expression (CTE).

  • Conduct performance tuning by re-indexing, updating statistics, recompiling, error handling stored procedures, and performing other maintenance tasks.

  • Conduct unit tests to compare the new system with old system and to increase the reliability of the new system.

  • Create logic for data validation before loading, redirect bad data to separate tables and notify business end users by sending emails.


Educational requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business analytics, data analytics or related.

Special skills requirements:

  • Familiar with T-SQL, MSSQL Server 2016/2017, SSIS, SSRS, Data modeling, ETL.


East Windsor, New Jersey

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