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JOB TITLE: IT Specialist


  • Design and host training sessions for employees regarding techniques and best practices in SQL, SSIS, SSRS, and other software development topics; 

  • Provide practice problems on topics in training sessions and give feedback on the solutions;

  • Research on topics and new technology prevailing in current market including PowerBI, Tableau, Azure, AWS, etc.;

  • Review monthly reports from developers and provide guidance and solutions to technical issues;

  • Create databases and data warehouses, and manage space utilized, backups, and disaster recovery plan for the server and databases;

  • Create stored procedures, functions, views and other objects to query information from data warehouses for website and reporting purposes;

  • Design and implement ETL solutions including initial and incremental loads from databases and other files to a data warehouse;

  • Develop and maintain monthly and daily reports and dashboards;

  • Develop and maintain websites, manage security, design UI, and embed reports and analysis modules in websites;

  • Create and maintain documentation for both data warehouse and training sessions.


EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor of Science degree in computer science

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: No working experience is required for the position.


No travel is required for the position.


Knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript Library

Understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

JOB SITE: 50 Millstone Rd, Bldg 300, Suite 120, East Windsor, NJ 08520

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