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Job Description


Position: Java Software Developer 


  • Responsible for web application development and architecture; 

  • Design and develop Java-based software applications based on business requirements using different design patterns including monolithic design and distributed system design; 

  • Responsible for object-oriented design and development;

  • Responsible for database analysis and design;

  • Maintain the internal database and data warehouse with information of applications, employers, clients and financial data, etc. in order to provide accurate and on-time support information to different departments;

  • Responsible for providing internal technical and operational support and gathering business requirements; 

  • Provide support for internal teams on IT issues including development environment setup for trainees and new hires. 



  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field

  • 2 years work experience in software developing

  • Proficiency in Java, Spring, SQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Microservices, Event store, Web security, Computer networks, Linux, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Scala, Kotlin, Jenkins, Docker 


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