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Case: IoT System Solution in the area of Electronic Product Testing

A company specializing in test solutions for advanced electronic products sought a system to monitor and track machine actions during testing, as well as provide a visualization platform for data display.
This system would help ensure optimal performance of mission-critical systems and enable innovative testing solutions.
Business Demand
The original testing standard is based on the time span instead of the more detailed measurements, such as the number of times which the testing product can perform, the temperature which may cause the various testing results, the actual weights that the testing product can handle, and etc.
Lack of visualization in the testing results
Lack of real time monitoring of the product testing process
Solution Provided
Design and develop an IoT system to monitor the product testing process
Attach sensors to each electronic product to record important measurements such as number of times, temperature, and weights during the testing process
Store the recorded data in the cloud for easy access and analysis
Provide real-time or historical visualization of the testing process and results through the cloud platform
Generate testing reports based on the actual measured data to improve the testing process and ensure optimal performance of the electronic products
  • Reduced the human resource on the testing process by 37%
  • Minimize the cost on generating the testing reports
  • Real time and historical reporting and data analysis
  • Standardization of testing process during new product testing solution initiatives